Where’d My Featured Image Go???

Been playing around with this one all day. There are thousands of themes out there for WordPress.  Some have done a much better job staying updated with all of WordPress’ capabilities… some don’t.  In this case, one theme in particular

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Unlocking versus Jailbreaking

This question gets asked pretty frequently. Unlocking is the easier to explain… it refers to removing the “locks” that carriers place on phones to prevent them from being used on other networks. This has nothing to do with anything other

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WooCommerce Cart Tab Zero Items Fix – Update

If you’re using WooCommerce and have the Cart Tab installed, you may not want it persistently visible. To fix this, adding this line: if ( sizeof( $woocommerce->cart->cart_contents ) == 0 ) { // The cart is empty } else {

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How to Enable Flashing Indicator for Notifications on the iPhone

How many times have you left your iPhone on vibrate and missed incoming calls, texts, emails, etc. that you wish you hadn’t missed?  More than a few.  Here’s a nice little trick that will prevent that from happening (at least

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Problems Deleting Emails on Bluehost Domain Servers

I’m writing this from my phone partially as an experiment in productivity and partially to stop my reliance on publishing with a computer. So! I recently built a website and hosted it on Bluehost. It was my first one with

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Twitter Integration with WordPress and Facebook

A good friend of mine asked last night how I have my Twitter feed posted to my websites and Facebook pages.  So lets get right into it! I use WordPress as my Content Management System (CMS) and as a mature

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Facebook vs. The Blog

I got a text this morning regarding a concern that the information I’ve been posting on my Facebook Page was a bit intimidating.  Currently I have my tweets and a few retweets (RTs) posting automagically to my Page as a

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It has been a long time…

Still there? It’s been almost 2 years since I’ve posted to Dust Jacket Tech.  Tons of life changes… but you’re not reading this to hear about me.  You’re here for the tech!  Well there’s been plenty of that, too! But

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Is Your Phone Tracking You?

Q. The news had a story about Apple iPhones “secretly” keeping a log of everywhere I go. What’s going on?! A. This is nothing new. Nor is it a secretive attempt to monitor your activities. Apple uses the information to

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Q. I see a lot of references to “emoticons,” but have never really gotten into understanding or using them. Can you explain them to me? A. Sure! 🙂 I’m so happy you asked! 😛 Background As most professional communicators will

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