A Subject Oriented Transcript

A few of you have written back and said that a Transcript organized by subject, versus organized by year, would be more useful.  So that’s what I’ve done in this new version of the Transcript Template.  As always, I look forward to your input!  Also, please feel free to distribute this to as many folks as you think will find it useful. 


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3 comments on “A Subject Oriented Transcript
  1. Jenny says:

    Phil, I’m jumping up and down in my chair (what a picture THAT is, huh?) with excitement over having this resource, and my oldest is only in 2nd grade, for Pete’s sake! :o) No matter where we are when ‘high school’ comes around, I’ll have the link to this, for sure. Thank you for taking time to offer us the “work of your hands” (and your brain!). We sure are benefitting!

    • wedge says:

      LOL, NP! Please LMK if you see something you think would make it easier to use, better looking or just have any questions.

      BTW, haven’t heard from you in a while… did you get your HDTV figured out? 🙂

      • Jenny says:

        Yes, actually. I’m trying to remember . . . ah, yes, hubby read DVD/CD player’s instruction manual and discovered that he had to do a reset on said component to make IT HD compatible. Would’ve been nice if the receiver’s instructions mentioned that might be needed! Compatibility among components from different manufacturers is not a given, nor is it a plug-in-and-go proposition! Should be easier, but hey – this isn’t an ideal world, is it? Thanks for asking!

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