Building Your Transcript

As I was considering attending this year’s HEAV Conference I thought back to the heavily discussed subject of the High School Transcript.  While walking around the Expo there must have been 5 or 6 different offerings ranging from $25 to $100!  I though what could be so hard about a transcript program???  (I used to calculate my own grades in Junior High just so I could figure out how much time I was going to be grounded.)  Anyway, I asked around and no one could really tell me what the deal was except to say that they stressed out every so often about the thought of having to put one of these together.

I hope to help you avoid that stress.  TranscriptTemplate is an Excel spreadsheet that I’ve been working on and while it’s not finished (call it Beta1) it is ready for input from Educators such as yourselves to take a look and tell me what you’d like changed.

A few notes: the formulations are accurate (including weighted GPAs).  The Subject names are edited within each semester worksheet (the tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet) and will automatically populate the Transcript.  You can also change the weight of each part of the graded material (homework vs quizzes, etc) so you can get the exact ratio you want (just make sure it equals 100% :).)

I look forward to your input!

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3 comments on “Building Your Transcript
  1. Lisa Hight says:

    For those utilizing a traditional textbook High School experience, I can see where these worksheets would be very helpful. I have heard conversations around local parents of High School and Jr High School that several do utilize this form of Homeschooling, so they might be very appreciative to have or borrow this resource. (There are homeschooling High School & Jr High School students in the Hope2 group, many more than the Guarding Hearts group, and I think several with the Catholic group. If you are looking for more input from the local higher grades population then you might want to contact those other groups.)

    Our personal experience with homeschooling does not really fall into using this type of form. I do have a High Schooler & Jr High Schooler along with my 3rd grader. I will use something like the transcript outline on the 1st worksheet. The tests/assignments/homework worksheets look very Cool but we just don’t have info to measure in those ways.


    • wedge says:


      I agree that this template would be useful more for the “traditional” High Schooler. I’d love to make it available to the other groups… please send their contact information.

      As for your “style” of measurement, I’m interested… if you could let me know how you do your grading, I could implement something more applicable in the Subject Oriented Transcipt Template I’m building.

      Thanks for the info!!

    • wedge says:

      Lisa, are the Home Schooler and Jr High Schooler Yahoo! groups or just email groups?

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