My computer won’t recognize my iPod touch.

iPods are essentially small computers with a single function: play media.  As with any computer, sometimes it needs a little TLC if it’s not behaving. 

For instance, I use a PC at work running hundreds (literally) of programs in the background.  Sometimes, those programs “get in an arguement” and kicks another program off, making my computer very unhappy.  The only way for it to recover and be happy again is to execute the “three finger salute:” CTRL-ALT-DEL.  Yes, rebooting solve 90% of any computer problems I’ve ever had on Windows machines.

Since there is no CTRL-ALT-DEL on an iPod, things get a little tricky.  If you’re having a problem with your iPod here are a few steps you can take to resolve them.Restart the iPod- the only one that doesn’t have an obvious power button is the iPod classic.  In the classic’s case, hold the Menu and center button simultaneously for 10 seconds or until you see the Apple logo.

“Hard Reboot”- the iPod touch will sometimes need this process to recover from a gremlin.  Press the Home and Power buttons at the same time.  Keep holding them after the “slide to power off” message.  You can release them after you see the Apple logo.

There are two other “easy” steps if your computer is still not recognizing your iPod and that is to either use a different USB cable or try a different computer.  If one of these two options resolves the recognition problem, then you have at least figured out what the issue was.  If not, the please check out this support page from Apple.  If you follow all the steps listed, give me a call.

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