Burning a CD

Vel asks:

Can I purchase CD’s that are already formatted?  I’m always having to format the CD’s. If they are formatted on one computer can I use them on another computer?

Good Morning Vel!

Surface of a CD magnified a gazillion times. Human hair is about 50 tracks wide.

Blank CDs already come pre-formatted. Sometimes, to be safe (and to prevent the possibility of corrupt burned discs) some programs will ask you to format the disc before it burns to it.  That’s OK.  It’s a nuisance and you may feel 5 minutes have been wasted, but that’s just the way computers are sometimes.  If you’re on Windows you may want to try another program like CDBurnerXP: Free or FinalBurner: Free to see if you like the interface better  If you’re just wanting to burn a music CD try using iTunes.  If you’re a Mac user you’re not going to have any issues if you use Finder for data discs or iTunes for music CDs.

If CDs have been formatted on one computer there is no reason it shouldn’t be able to be used on another.  For instance, the CD you burn on your Windows computer should work fine on any other Windows computer.  They’ll even work in a Mac.  Conversely a CD burned on my Mac will work fine in your PC.  This is the same for DVDs burned on different machines.  Once it’s done it will work pretty much anywhere.

Package of 100 blank CD-Rs

CDs are similar to DVDs in that there are writeable (R) and rewriteable (RW) CDs.  Unlike DVDs, you won’t have to deal with the + versus – confusion.  Remember, CD-Rs can only be written to once, so if something happens and the disc gives you a write error, toss is in the trash and grab another one.  The cost of CDs has come down dramatically in the last 10 years so you’re not going to lose a lot of money.  In fact you can get 100 blank CD-Rs for about $25.

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