What is Twitter…

… and why do I want to tweet?

Twitter is a social medium that allows a user to share their lives 140 characters at a time.  It’s kind of like posting a text message for anyone who “follows” you to see.  For example, I may want to share that Apple has announced that Verizon will start carrying the iPhone on the 1st of March… I would tweet, “iPhone coming to Verizon on the 1st of March!!”  Anyone who follows me would see that message with my picture next to it.  They can even respond to it like they would a text message.  Recent upgrades also allow users to post small pictures, links to websites and “re-tweet” messages from other folks they follow.  The attraction is that the messages are quick and easy to read and one doesn’t have to invest a lot of time reading to comprehend it all.  Kind of like reading captions of pictures in a magazine article to determine if you’re really interested.  (Thanks Kelly.)

For home educators, the scenario might look like this… You just started your child on a quiz or homework assignment so you have a few minutes before the inevitable first question of “How do I…”.  You pop open your Twitter “client,” the program you use to read tweets, and check out what’s new with the Home Educators Association of Virginia (HEAV).  You could see that they recently posted their first tweet of the year, that nearly 2 million children are being homeschooled and that it contains a link for some free resources.  And rather than getting frustrated at being interrupted by “How do I…” you can answer your student’s question and pick up right where you left off.

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