DVD +R -R +RW -RW DL, etc.

A few words on DVD types… Most are compatible with any other when burning your DVDs.

You can only write once to this kind of DVD

When the DVD-burning industry began no one wanted to coordinate so they kind of did their own thing (in other words, the one group didn’t want to pay the other group royalties for their format, so they made their own.)  Think Ford and Chevy; essentially the same product (automobiles) but with slight differences, yet they both use gas to go. DVD + or – usually won’t matter unless your DVD burner is older than 5 years.

BTW (by the way) if the tray has DVD ROM on it, please don’t try to burn a DVD. These will only read DVDs, not write them. The “tray door” will tell you it’s compatibility, i.e. DVD +/- R.

You can rewrite this kind of DVD

If the disc say R it means you can only write to it once. If it says RW it means it’s re-writable.  Both discs have a capacity of 4.3GB or enough to fit a full length feature film, or if you’re using the DVD to save files, enough room for about 1,000 MP3 albums!  DVD +/- RW is not especially useful if burning a disc of home videos but if one were using it to back up important files and wanted to re-use the disc it would save money in the long run.

You guessed it, you can only write once to this DVD but it has double the capacity!

There is one other “format” that needs mentioning, Double Layer or DL.  Just as the term implys, there are two layers of recordable media, resulting in about 8GB of space.  You can’t rewrite DL DVDs so make sure you like what you see before clicking on “burn this DVD.”

C U soon!

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